Antique Ware is your ultimate online retro marketplace, but sometimes we all need a little help; please follow the links for Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly if you still need help.

Our site and its software is still in its beta stage, not all of our functions are as polished as we would like. Please be assured we will be making changes and improvements regularly to improve your experience.


User FAQ

  1. How do I sign up?
  2. Will I receive marketing emails?
  3. How do I edit my profile/view my favourites etc? (Accessing your dashboard)
  4. I forgot my password. How do I re-set it?
  5. Do you allow guest checkout?
  6. How do I pay for my purchase?
  7. Why is there a service fee?
  8. How quickly will the seller dispatch my item?
  9. I want to return my purchase/receive a refund?
  10. What are the delivery options?
  11. What are pick-up options?
  12. Will I be charged any extra fees for making a purchase?
  13. How do I check my order statuses?
  14. Identity Verification?
  15. How do I make a complaint against a seller?
  16. How do I report a listing?

Seller FAQ

  1. How do I sign up as a seller?
  2. Identity Verification; why do we need this?
  3. Identity Verification; Help filling in.
  5. How do I charge VAT?
  6. How do I sell something on Antique Ware?
  7. Can I list my items in another currency?
  8. Why can’t I log in to my seller dashboard?/ Can’t post a listing?
  9. How do I edit my item information?
  10. Can I add a few delivery options and pick-up locations?
  11. Why can’t I find the right category for my item?
  12. How do I keep track of my sales?
  13. How can I keep track of orders that I receive?
  14. Dispatch times.
  15. What fees are there on Antique Ware?
  16. How do I receive my Payout/Payment?
  17. What items are prohibited on Antique Ware?
  18. Why is my product deleted/banned?
  19. How do I make a complaint against a buyer?

Listing Guide

1. Step by Step guide to listing

2. What can be listed?

3. Choosing Category & Styling


5. Setting a Price

6. Good Seller Practice

7. Issuing a Refund

8. Common Mistakes


Returns and Refunds Policy